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Company’s vision is to promote the culinary culture of Rhodes through the production of high quality local products.

Passalis Family produces the “Alexandros Olive Grove” and the “Athiri Di Rodi” dry white wine!

Alexandros Olive Grove

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Rhodes

The extra virgin olive oil “Alexandros Olive Grove” is produced from the Koroneiki variety of olive trees in the area of Kalamonas Rhodes , with special care throughout the production, from cultivation and pruning, to storage.

Olives are harvested every year in the early November and transported into plastic crates to the mill. Cold extraction takes place on the harvest day in order to maintain all organoleptic features and nutritional characteristics of fruit.

The ” Alexandros Olive Grove ” oil is distinguished by its fruity character and the delicate taste which is balanced between bitter and spicy.

I come from an area of the island of Rhodes with tradition in olive oil production. Every family of the Kalamonas area had its own experiences through out the years, producing olive oil,  from harvest of the olives to the extraction of the oil at the traditional mills…

In the winter of 2011-12 my father Nikos and I, first attempted to bottle  a small portion of our  annual family production of olive oil and offered the bottles as a present to foreign travel agents who visited the hotel during the summer season that followed.

A fine quality of 300 Koroneiki olive trees were planted by my grandfather Alexander in 1975 in Theologos Beach of  Rhodes island, in the area where our hotel is nowadays established.

His mission was to emerge the local agricultural products production as an integral part of Rhodes culinary tradition. ”

Thus the name ‘Alexandros Olive Grove’.

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International Awards

“Alexandros Olive Grove” is known for its fruity character and the delicate taste which is balanced between bitter and spicy.
In 2017, we are proud to talk about the first extra virgin olive oil in the Eastern Aegean, with three international awards.

Athiri Di Rodi

Dry White Wine

Produced from the Athiri wine Grape, a classic Aegean variety of ancient origin. Specially selected by Passalis family from vineyards at 600m height, on the northwestern slopes of Mt. Attaviros in the region of Embona in Rhodes.

With delicate citrus aromas and a refreshing acidity, it is best served with fish, seafood & a wide variety of Rhodian specialties. Also ideal as an aperitif.

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